Know The 5 Key Benefits Of Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI Certification offers a combination of business intelligence, reporting, and data visualization services and tools for individuals or their teams. Microsoft Power BI provides its users with a wide range of software, apps, and connectors.

This basket of software works judiciously to turn the user’s unrelated data into an organized, interactive, visually immersive insight. The data may be in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or a cloud-based data system.

The Power BI training facilitates individuals in their ability to execute application-based tasks. Moreover, it is an advancement in the application of analytical reasoning and creating solutions.

5 Key Benefits Of Microsoft Power BI

The following are the key benefits of availing of Power BI training:

1.Power To Transform Business

One of the most fundamental features of the Power BI is the knowledge that it provides its users. The Power BI course allows you to format and transform any piece of information or data in the desired way. Moreover, you can fix the errors at the source, making it easier to make changes.

One of the most useful features of the Microsoft program is the Query Editor. The Query editor allows the users to make various transformations, including changing data types, adding or removing new columns, splitting and merging, adding a query, etc. This feature enhances the interface and results in effective formatting and visualization.

2.Power Of Interactivity

The power of interactivity that this program presents makes it one of the most used Microsoft courses. For example, the user can click a bar amongst the bar chart to see the changes occurring in its visualization outputs.

Further, you can also check the values of location charts, lists, etc., and to do this, all one needs to do is choose a location in the map visuals. There is also the option to filter out your options in the chart. So, if someone does not want to use this feature, they need to turn off the filter option in Power BI.

Therefore, Power BI offers its user the choice of clarity and enhances the structure of the data. It also enables you to put the reports in action with minimal time invested in creating and analyzing the data.

3.Advanced Measure

Power BI uses the Data Analysis Expression or DAX formulaic language. Its working process is quite similar to that of Excel, but its difference lies in eliminating the complicated piles of Excel reports in the latter.

Hence, with the help of Data Analysis Expression (DAX), the user can create their metrics in Power BI easily and at a faster pace. Moreover, Power BI presents features like Quick Measures to create complex expressions like monthly growth, percentage difference, and other technical calculations.

4.Extract Hidden Information

The ‘Insight’ option present in Power BI lets the user check the hidden information regarding their data. This unique feature attracts a lot of individuals towards this Microsoft certification.

In addition, multiple charts can be generated within the primary chart that holds the potential of providing effective and strong metrics. Finally, you can also pin this visualization on the dashboard if you want to revisit these insights in the future.

This feature is beneficial for data analysis in business by providing an added level of transparency to the information. For example, you can check to see which category or section has generated how much revenue and so on. Therefore, a bonus of this feature entails identifying the economic trends and saving on costs.

5.Excellent Storage Capacity

Power BI is widely popular for providing a vast and excellent storage space for your data. Power BI offers a wide bandwidth to load millions of rows of charts in a short time. These charts open up without interruption, and the user can immediately access the reports.

Furthermore, Power BI presents an excellent compression capability to compress the file without jeopardizing its quality or performance. For instance, suppose a file holds the storage of 400 MB. Once compressed using Power BI, it can be around 50 MB.


Power BI is an advanced and beneficial prospect in the field of management and accessibility of data. Moreover, Power BI certification cost is well within most people’s range. Thus, a certification in Power BI will provide you with experience and easier access.