Best Indian Portland Restaurant in the US: Travel Guide

Portland boasts some fantastic restaurants that have earned them awards, such as “one of America’s top ten” by Food & Wine magazine, or they were listed as having “the most romantic restaurant,” etcetera.

It sits across the river from downtown, reaching via a bridge or humungous cable car line.

Portland is home to 10 of the most popular Indian restaurants in America and with good reason. From flavorful curries to delicious tandoori dishes.

These 10 Portland Indian restaurants offer an unforgettable dining experience for any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic night out with your significant other or want to spend some quality time catching up with your friends over dinner, these ten best Indian restaurants in Portland are sure to suit all of your needs!

10 most Popular Indian Portland Restaurants

  •  Maruti Indian Restaurant

The Indian restaurant Maruti is the creative lovechild of Falguni Khanna and Rudra Parmar.

 It offers a delectable selection, including Biryani, Samosa Chole, and Kichadi Ayurvedic concoction with lentils rice ginger coconut to soothe you after eating it.

  •  Swagat Indian Cuisine

While most people think of North Indian cuisine when they hear “Indian food,” Swagat offers a delicious selection from the lesser-known South.

Rava dosa is cooked with cream and rice flour to create an authentic crepe made even more delectable by its accompanying lentil stew called idli sambhar.

  •  Bollywood Theater PDX

Bollywood Theatre revitalizes traditional Indian Food Portland to create various delicious dishes, including Bhel Puri—a tangy snack made from puffed rice, potatoes, onions, and spices.

The menu also offers Kathi Rolls stuffed with pickled onions, meat egg, cheese chutney for something more unique!

  • Bombay Chaat House

Bombay Chaat House serves up piping hot and authentic Indian food that is unlike anything you’ll put in your mouth.

 Their tandoori flatbreads are handmade with a clay oven and taste amazing!

  • Tiffin Asha

The author loved the South Indian food at Tiffin Asha so much that it reminded her of how she ate as a child.

She remembers idli wedges with gunpowder and medu vadas, typically fried in oil, but this restaurant makes them healthier by baking their version instead.

The uttapams were also delicious because they’re made from rice flour and then topped with onions or vegetables to give it another layer of flavor!

  • Chennai Masala

Indian Chinese dishes are a rare and delightful treat. Chennai Masala offers tasty Shrimp Fried Rice, Chilli Paneer, and Cauliflower Manchurian that will leave your taste buds satisfied for days on end!

Indian food is a delicious blend of Indian and Asian cuisine.

The Cauliflower Manchurian, Chilli Paneer, and Shrimp Fried Rice are addictive at Chennai Masala from the moment you take your first bite!

  • Desi PDX

At Desi PDX, they offer a wide variety of Indian dishes to please any palate. Dal Tadka is up for the taking, along with many other traditional favorites!

In addition to the most popular Portland restaurants, I recommend you check out this best Indian food in Portland, Oregon.

  •  The Sudra

The Sudra serves up a variety of vegan and gluten-free options that are guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Try the Paneer Tikka Masala or Harvest Korma for a taste sensation you’ll never forget!

The Sudra is a vegan and gluten-free restaurant that serves up mouthwatering Indian cuisine. If you’re looking for the 10 most popular Indian portland restaurants, then go to The Sudra!

  •  Dwaraka Indian Cuisine

Dwaraka Indian cuisine is a restaurant that serves both upscale and traditional Indian food.

They have an extensive food menu with over 100 choices, including vegetarian entrees like samosas, pakoras (vegetable fritters).

kebabs made of chickpea flour or paneer cheese simmered in lentil soup; seafood such as marinated shrimp cooked in coconut milk curry;

lamb specialties like the spicy vindaloo goat dish from Goa on India’s west coast; northern talks featuring chicken cooked with yogurt sauce and fragrant cashews ground into rich sauces flavored by garlic and ginger root along with spices such as cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks.

At the same time, southern delicacies include tender sausages called koftas.

  1.  Platter Division Restaurant

My favorite restaurant is a platter division where you can pick and choose different foods for your meal.

My favorite local, family-owned business is the Platter Division Restaurant because it genuinely gives its customers what they want: a choice!

This place doesn’t just serve regular meals; instead, we get an entire menu of options that allow diners to select our dishes if we go to this restaurant.

For example, I love chicken, so the first time around, I might order some fried wings with fries and toast on the side but then next week when my friends all come over again, maybe I’ll try out their special seafood pasta or even beef ribs which are both delicious too!

Final Thought on this Post

The Indian food scene in Portland is booming, and we’ve got a guide to the best restaurants you need to try. We offer various options for different budgets, but all with one thing in common- they will make your taste buds happy!

If you’re looking for more information on what it means when people say “Indian cuisine” or want some tips on ordering from an authentic Indian restaurant without feeling overwhelmed, take a look at our blog. You won’t regret it!