How Often to Vacuum Your Rugs?

Rugs of all types are elegant and need a specific cleaning routine. Along with hiring rug cleaning services, you should vacuum the flooring regularly. Vacuuming removes dust and other pollutants from your carpeting and makes it look fresh. However, over vacuuming may result in damage. So, let’s have a look at how often you should vacuum clean your rug: 

How to Vacuum Correctly?

You should not vacuum your rug on the tiled floor setting if your vacuum cleaner has various settings that allow you to modify surfaces. Instead, save that for the bare floors, as directed by the vacuum instructions.

You could also check to see whether your vacuum has altitude settings. That can impact how well it cleans and wears on the carpeting. If adjusted too low, the carpeting or vacuum’s roller brush and drive belt may get damaged. A vacuum set too high, on the other hand, will not take up dirt as well.

Every rug fibre needs a different vacuuming technique. Some of these require a high suction setting, and some, like Kilim rugs and other authentic floorings, need a low suction. A high suction setting can ruin the threads of such carpetings.

The next time you hire rug cleaning services, ask the professionals about how to vacuum your flooring. These experts are knowledgeable and understand the fibres before cleaning them to guide you well. You can also check the manufacturing label and research the best way to vacuum.

How Often to Vacuum?

To protect your rug, vacuum entry areas and busy areas at least twice a week, and the remainder of the carpeting at least once a week. Oily soils accumulate, and regular vacuuming removes soil accumulation.

If you’re worried about your carpeting becoming harmed, invest in a carpet protector spray. That’s simple to implement. Check if a warranty covers your carpet since applying items to the rug may void the guarantee.

You may have to vacuum more than usual if you have pets or use shoes on the flooring. Such minor details affect your rug, and you have to take care of it. Ask them to inspect your flooring and guide you on the vacuuming schedule when you hire rug cleaning services.

Additional Tips for Rug Owners 

  • You can vacuum your rugs at home but never try washing them as it’s a professionals’ job. DIY techniques may ruin your carpeting forever. So, be aware. 
  • Vacuum don’t remove foul odours, stains and wetness. Hire rug cleaning services to get rid of such issues. 
  • Vacuuming can’t remove pet hair and even dander. So, use different tools and consult a professional for deep cleaning. 
  • Avoid vacuuming on spills as it will push the substances inside.
  • Don’t vacuum a wet rug to suck the water. It may not work as you have imagined.

Follow these tips, and you will do fine with your precious rug. You don’t have to go the extra mile and do anything. Keep in mind these simple hacks and preserve the beauty of your flooring.