Easy Hacks to Take Care of Your Persian Rug

No doubt your Persian flooring is beautiful, and you can’t take your eyes off it sometimes. However, you have to follow some easy Persian rug cleaning hacks to preserve this beauty. Here are some of the most crucial ones to learn right now:

1. Keep it Away from Sunlight 

The first step in your Persian rug cleaning regimen should be keeping it away from direct sunlight. Sunlight, believe it or not, may seriously harm a rug, causing the colour to fade and the flooring to become much lighter than it was initially. That’s especially important for ancient carpets, so keep this in mind!

2. Sweep It Gently 

Rather than scrubbing your rug, we at Rugknots recommend that you gently wipe the dirt away. That reduces wear and tear and hence extends the life of your flooring. Take a straw-bristled broom and sweep it from one end to the other. If you move your broom back and forth, you risk harming the rug.

3. Rotate Your Rug 

It’s critical to rotate your rug regularly, especially in full sunlight. If the colour fades, it will be distributed equally throughout the carpeting! Even if your Persian carpet isn’t in direct sunlight, it should be rotated at least four times a year — once at the start of each new season.

4. Change Furniture Location 

When you place furniture on top of a Persian rug, it creates a natural route, or “imprints,” in the carpeting. It is critical to adjust the furniture arrangement regularly. That will avoid long-term harm to a specific section of the rug.

5. Shake the Dust Off

And you believed brushing was the simplest method to clean your Persian rugs. Shake the dirt off of your Persian area rug. If the carpet is too large, you may always utilise an extra pair of hands. Another option is to beat the flooring, although, as previously said, this might cause wear.

6. Remove Odours 

Is your rug emitting a strong, musty odour? One option is to use vinegar, water and detergent solvent. That will eliminate smells and stains, but it will also give your rug a new look. Talcum powder is a more convenient option. Sprinkle some flour over the carpeting and leave it for the night. Because the product absorbs all smells, you can vacuum it to renew the aroma. If this doesn’t work well, hire Persian rug cleaning experts to do the job. 

8. Treat Even the Minor Damage

 Rug repairs are necessary even if only one thread is loose. The fringes, corners, and fibre should be intact to go a long way. 

You can’t just wash your carpeting in a washing machine. You have to hire professionals for an annual Persian rug cleaning even after following these hacks. These experts know everything about the flooring type and even help you with more personalised tips. So, never overlook any damages and hire professionals for rug repairs and cleaning. All the best for taking proper care of your valuable belonging.