Nier Automata: How Long Is Nier Automata? Everything You Need To Know About The Game!

Nier Automata is a game that has been on the minds of gamers for over a year. The question people ask most often is, “how long does Nier Automata take to finish?” This blog post will explore what others have said about how long it takes to beat the game and provide an estimate of your own time based on average playtimes.


What Is Nier Automata?

Nier automata were initially released in Japan on February 23rd, 2017, with an English release on March 7th, 2018. The game itself can be beaten in less than 20 hours, but there’s plenty more content after you’re done with the main storyline awaits you! There are also many different endings depending on choices made throughout the player’s journey, so it could take quite some time to see how everything ends in Nier Automata.


Nier automata is an action role-playing video game played from a third-person perspective. The world of NieR: Automata™ has been overrun by machines created by other beings who died after a war with the humans and have now returned as Machines. For humanity to survive, players must fight back against these machines using weapons or one anothers’ bodies as an alternative to guns and blades.


Key Features Of Nier Automata!

  • Action – PlatinumGames signature fast-paced action gameplay mechanics coupled with a swipe of RPG elements!
  •  Story – A compelling combination of action and RPG gameplay set in the most beautifully hostile environment.
  • Soundtrack – NieR: Automata features a fresh mix of vibrant songs produced by veteran composer Keiichi Okabe.
  • An Android Odyssey – The story is about androids 2B, 9S, and A2 and their battle to reclaim the machine-driven dystopia overrun by powerful weapons known as Machines.

How Long Is Nier Automata?

Nier Automata can take anywhere from 40 to 50 hours, depending on how many endings you watch. You’ll need to do them all to finish the game.

See the following image to get a complete overview of how long Nier automata is.

Nier Automata

Nier: Automata, an action RPG game developed by Platinum Games and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam), is one of the best games this year. It’s a beautifully crafted world with deep characters and fascinating gameplay that will keep you hooked to your screen until its conclusion. With over 20 hours of content, including side quests, Nier: Automata is one of the most extended games in recent memory.


The game offers players many opportunities to explore different parts of this fantastical world thanks to its open-ended nature coupled with rewarding exploration mechanics such as jumping on walls or running up buildings for hidden items. However, some may find it challenging to locate these areas because there are no map markers to guide players through.

A lot of people have also been asking how long Nier: Automata takes to beat. For a game as massive as this, having an estimate of how long the completion time would take is crucial for many planning on buying it. Well, according to multiple users who’ve beaten the game, however, it shouldn’t take you more than 25 hours to finish everything, including side quests and collecting all available items throughout the world. There are also a few trophies that will require some extra time, but that’s only if you’re a trophy hunter like me!

What Is The Gameplay Like?

The gameplay mechanics in Nier: Automata are similar to most action role-playing games, with third-person shooter elements thrown in now and then. Players can equip their characters with various weapons, ranging from swords to spears to pistols and beyond. When using these weapons, players will have access to three different attack types: light attacks, strong attacks, and ranged attacks, depending on how they’re equipped.


What makes Nier Automata’s combat distinct is how enemies can surround you at any given time during battle. For instance, while fighting a group of robots in one location, the game may trigger an enemy ambush if you haven’t been playing too long or moving around quickly enough; this forces you to approach how you play very differently when compared to titles such as “The Legend Of Zelda” or even the more recent action-RPG adventure, “Horizon Zero Dawn.”


Automata also feature a bullet hell mini-game that can be played both on and offline. This mini-game is one of the game’s few flaws since it tends to repeat itself quite often throughout the campaign for more than halfway through; nonetheless, it still provides a decent distraction when you’re looking for something else to do.

Nier: Automata has plenty of side quests in this world as well! These side quests range from collecting specific items scattered around the robust map or treating robots infected with a virus that causes them to attack everyone around your area. The rewards aren’t always great, but they add some extra flavor to this open-world adventure!

What Are Some Of The Game’s Visuals?

Visually speaking, Nier Automata is one of the best-looking games this year! From how detailed everything looks in both close-ups and afar, right down to how smooth each game’s gameplay feels while running alongside how it’s presented. It perfectly captures what makes a remarkable animated film with its colorful yet dark, mysterious setting that keeps players on edge throughout their time within this action RPG.

What Is The Story Like?

In Nier: Automata, you play as an android named 9S. You’re part of a group known as YoRHa, which are essentially androids created by humans thousands of years before end up being sent to Earth to fight off the machines that took over after humanity disappeared for unknown reasons; these machines want to wipe out the androids that were meant to replace them. To do this, these machines have infected other androids with a virus turning them into evil beings that try to kill as many YoRHa forces as possible. Also read: Street Style Men: A Beginner’s Guide!

The twist? 9S is infected with the same virus while 2B isn’t; how you go through certain parts of the story will depend on how you choose to play said segments. In one scenario, players can have 9S sacrifice themselves to defeat an enemy that would typically be too powerful for him alone. At the same time, 2B runs off to complete her objective before dying as well. This results in how Nier: Automata has two endings depending on how you progress throughout each chapter! The narratives are quick and easy to understand, letting players enjoy the action RPG part of Nier: Automata a lot more than how most would expect.

What Are Some Of The Game’s Features?

In addition to how fun and lengthy Nier: Automata is as a role-playing action game, there’s also plenty to do after you’re done with the campaign! Tons of side quests will ensure you have a good time while not making you bored from how repetitive these tasks can get; in fact, some of them offer unique gameplay experiences compared to how much time it takes for players to do so finish this fantastic title.


What if I Don’t Have That Much Time? If you’re like me, spending less than 50 hours is how you want to go through Nier: Automata. To do this, you’ll most likely have to rush through some of the side quests without fully exploring how each one works, in addition to how it may benefit your character. You can easily beat Nier: Automata within this time frame no problem, but don’t expect everything 100%!


What if I Had More Time? If you had more time, how long would Nier: Automata take you? Players who love stories will certainly enjoy taking their time since there’s so much content here that even going at a moderate pace takes quite a while; beating the campaign itself only scratches the surface of how deep Nier: Automata is with its base gameplay and how it plays with how players perceive the game through androids 9S and 2B as well!


What Do You Think? Did you complete Nier: Automata? What did you think about how long it took you to beat the game? How many trophies have you earned while playing this action RPG adventure? Let us know in the comments below how long Nier Automata took for you to complete in your playtime!

Final Words:

The game is about 20 hours long, with a total of 26 endings. Whether you choose to play it as the main character 2B or 9S, there are plenty of side quests and other exploration to do to get every ending! It can take between 25-50 hours, depending on how much exploring you want to do. We hope this article has been helpful for those interested in playing Nier Automata. If you have any more questions we did not cover here, please ask us in our comment section below!