Real Estate Photography Jobs – What You Need To Know

If you are looking for Real Estate Photography jobs, this post is for you. Here we will discuss everything that you need to know to get a real estate photography job. Photographers for the real estate team embrace writing pictures to place on the list embrace attaching homes to post-production land photographers from before prototyping has the talent and empathic communication skills with the workers, yet as a watch permanently composition They conceive, storyboard, organize this is often the primary time I’ve ever seen a video of a team member and a shooter within the game.

The responsibility of a Real estate Photographer

  • Photographer listing available on-line selling, printing desires land firms, their brokerage firms
  • Photo session website to broker/consumer
  • On the day of the shooting, transferring the image with a label to the in-house studio
  • Take a photograph of the inside house of the house-a general area, lounge, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. and it shows the flow of the house
  • Ensure sensible exposure composition, angle, and position of the taken house
  • Alter and manage images for lighting, differentiation and watermarks.
  • Real estate Property Video
  • Navigation structure and Text/Graphics over
  • Homeowners Stage their homes to attain the most effective visual results
Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photographer Qualification

  • Have a powerful land portfolio
  • It is accessible for multiple shoots in a very week
  • Ability to place multiple tasks, follow elaborated steps, and balance multiple deadlines
  • Have a comprehensive information of photography, lenses, lighting and television equipment
  • Be conversant in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe artistic Suite

Real Estate Photography Jobs:

Residential and industrial area Photographer

Full description

5LB Media could be a urban center production agency specializing in video production and industrial photography. Trying to find their growing complete has confirmed its voice through artistic, strategic selling techniques.

As a real estate photographer, you’re to blame for shooting and writing an oversized variety of listing photos beneath the directions and steerage from the five pound Media director, producer, and provided exposure and writing tips. They tend to area unit able to supply an oversized volume of land listings to their potential candidates.

They area unit wanting to rent up to three photographers for this position!

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Photo residential and industrial land property.
  • Select, process, and retouch pictures in a very fast turnaround.
  • Use an oversized quantity of claims and property lists.
  • Work among the rules for photos and retouching.


  • You must be skilful with design and land photography.
  • You should be conversant in exposure writing and retouching, HDR merging, exposure reconciliation, color temperature reconciliation, and straightening.
  • Experience and proficiency with land videography could be a vast plus!
  • Aerial (drone) Photography & video expertise and proficiency area unit
  • Need to be ready to give their transport to and from the chute.
  • Collaboration and feed with their director
  • You need to be ready to work autonomously on the set.

There area unit a great deal of shoppers World Health Organization area unit shooting, magnetic programs that enable them to be a tool that’s five pounds of media.

Real estate photographer

Full description

Company Description

Realmedia is GTA’s beloved selection for land photography, serving many land agents monthly. As a full service selling company, they’ve everything from ancient selling services like printing and graphic style to a lot of innovative and up to date selling like HD video and 3D floor plans to assist agencies take their stigmatization and selling to a different level.

Job Description

Do you like to be your own boss? Functioning on a schedule of driving things. Does one love creating individuals pleased with your outstanding work? If affirmative, keep reading as a result of there’s one thing you’re trying to find.

Realmedia is GTA’s beloved selection for land photography, serving many land agents monthly. They tend to area unit trying to find gifted, tech-savvy photographers with a keen eye for growth and a mind-set of detail, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

As a photographer, you’re to blame for shooting design at the client’s location. Fixing and conveyance area unit taken care of by their cluster of editors. No modifying or image getting ready is required for this position.

Do you have passion and a positive perspective however not equipment? Don’t emphasize it, they tend to equip most of their photographers with the required instrumentation reckoning on the package they’re shooting.

  • A reliable and properly insured vehicle with a legitimate licence
  • Smartphone with information package
  • Laptop/desktop with high speed web affiliation
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Quick Thinking solver
  • Punctuality(very important)
  • Fantastic client Service Skills
  • Excellent communication capability
  • Ability to figure besieged
  • Organization and Multitasking Tips
Job Type:

Regular, contract worker


 $ seventeen.00 – $25.00 / hour

  • 8-hour shift system
  • weekend

Shooting: one year (preferred)

Working remotely:


Real Estate Photography jobs in Columbus Ohio:

Real Estate Photography jobs in Columbus Ohio

Real estate photographer

Home marketer Photos

Columbus, Ohio, USA

Job Description

They are a unit searching for knowledge about land photographers and drone pilots! No-hit candidates should have access to the required land photography instrumentation, should read a selected portfolio of land photography, should even have access to the required land photography instrumentation, should even have access to land photography instrumentation, should have access to land photography instrumentation, should have access to land photography instrumentation, should have access to land photography instrumentation, should have access to land photography instrumentation, should have access to land photography instrumentation, should have access to land photography instrumentation, should have access to land photography、

The responsibility of the photographer:
  • Be ready for regular appointments and arrive on time
  • Capture the suitable quantity of pictures and image sorts laid out in the assigned  appointment notes
  • Alter the camera settings(if necessary for handling lighting atmosphere
  • Check RAW files with buying agents to ensure a satisfactory shot choice
  • Transfer RAW files to Home sell image artist portal on time
  • Sometimes be willing to assist in minor decluttering
  • Be friendly and cordial once operating with agents and sellers
  • Be receptive to constructive criticism for improved shoots to maneuver forward

The requirements of the artist area unit as follows:

  • Verified land photography expertise
  • Data of HDR and AEB photography
  • Data of safe and effective drone practices
  • Ability to transfer RAW files on time and as directed

Real Estate photography jobs in Atlanta:

Real Estate photography jobs in Atlanta

Real Estate Photographer-Atlanta Jobs

Job Description

Professional skilled photography and Asian country. A growing network of fashionable photographers seeking to join! Check the position responsibilities and technical qualifications needed for this position and apply today!

General Responsibility

  • Navigate to and from Properties. They have a tendency to bring you’re employed, lookout of planning and repair.
  • Provide on-the-scene land vogue photography and build architectural plan drawings.
  • Electronically transmit work the tip of every operating day.
  • No post-production work is needed.

Required qualifications

  • Perform function as needed on a 1099 agreement premise.
  • High school / GED or equivalent work expertise.
  • Previous shooting expertise.
  • Prior expertise in client service or guest facing roles.
  • You need reliable automobile transport and insurance.
  • You need a smartphone, a scanner, high-speed web, and a private laptop.
  • You need to be reliable, punctual and able to follow the schedule of appointments.
  • You must be able to obtain a hand-held optical device meter device in a very distance vary of up to 100ft.
  • There should be the subsequent skilled photography grade equipment: full frame DSLR camera, 16-18mm wide angle lens and rack (3ft-5ft vary of expansion).

Desired qualifications

  • Previous land photography expertise.
  • Previous architectural plan drawing expertise.
  • Comfortable operating and repairing severally.
  • Be tech-savvy and computer-savvy.
  • Comfortable performing at a quick pace whereas at your feet most of the day.
  • Presentable and attractive, understanding that customers merit wonderful service.
  • He features a positive angle, a way of humor, and intellectual curiosity.
  • Strong communication skills, details organized and adjusted.