Working Holiday Visa 462 & Working Holiday Visa 417 – Know The Differences

The Working Holiday Visa 417 and 462 Working and Holiday might have different names, but they initially have the same goal. Both of these visas will allow individuals between the ages of 18 and 30 to visit the beautiful country of Australia. But wait, that’s not all! The Visa Subclass 417 and WHV 462 will also enable people to work and live within the country for 12 months or a year. 

If you have already obtained a job within a specific role in Australia, you will get the opportunity to extend the visa for another year. Let’s take a look at the visa options and the differences between them. 

WHV 462 vs WHV 417: The Difference

Even though both the 417 visas and the Working Holiday Visa 462 are designed to offer the same service, there are several differences between them. You will learn about those differences through the information below. Take a look!

Countries For Which The WHV 462 and WHV 417 Is Available

For Working Holiday Visa 417

    • Italy.

    • Norway.

    • France.

    • The Netherlands.

    • Germany.

    • The United Kingdom.

    • Taiwan.

    • Belgium.

    • Estonia.

    • Denmark.

    • Canada.

    • Finland.

    • Hong Kong.

    • South Korea.

    • Sweden.

    • Japan.

    • Cyprus. 

For Working Holiday Visa 462

    • Thailand.

    • Malaysia.

    • Hungary.

    • Canada.

    • Argentina.

    • Turkey.

    • San Marino.

    • Bangladesh.

    • Chile.

    • Luxembourg.

    • Ecuador.

    • China.

    • Poland.

    • Indonesia.

    • Portugal.

    • Israel.

    • Uruguay.

    • The United States of America.

    • The Slovak Republic.

    • Spain.

Other differences between these two visas are that you need to provide education and English language requirements when you have applied for the Visa Subclass 462. But for the WHV 417, you don’t have to offer such things. On the other hand, as an applicant for WHV 462, they must submit a letter of support from their government until and unless they are from the USA, Israel, and China. 

WHV 462 vs WHV 417: The Similarities

Now that are you are currently well aware of the difference between these visas, their several similarities as well. One of the biggest correspondences is that both the WHV 417 and WHV 462 should be applied outside Australian soil, which is granted for one year. The one year can be easily extended when you work within regional Australia for at least 88 days, right before the first year ends. 

What Will The WHV 417 Will Let You Do?

    • There are many of you with the WHV 417, and to know what they are, look below. 

    • The visa will allow you to stay within Australian soil and give you the chance to work so that you can pay off your holiday. 

    • You will be eligible to work for the same employer for 6 months. 

    • The visa will enable you to travel to and from the country as many times as you want. 

    • It will help you do specified work so that you can become eligible for a 2nd WHV. 

    • You can study within the Australian waters for 4 months. 

What Will The WHV 462 Allow You To Do?

    • Justly WHV 417, you can also do many things with this visa when you visit Australia. The items you can do are: 

    • You can easily do a short-term job in Australia within any field to pay up for your holiday. 

    • The visa will make you eligible for a 2nd WHV after getting yourself a WHV 462 specified job.

    • You can travel back and forth from Australia as many times as you desire.

    • Study within this beautiful country for up to 4 months. 

 Working Holiday Visa 417: The Requirements

You have to fulfil several things right before you think of applying for the Working Holiday Visa or WHV 417. Check below!

    • As an applicant for the WHV passport, you must carry no criminal records. 

    • Your passport should be valid throughout the entire time while you are residing within the Kangaroo nation. 

    • You need to provide evidence that you can financially support yourself while residing in Australia. 

    • You must show proof that you do not have any dependents while you are staying within the country. 

    • You also have to provide a valid passport that contains blank pages. 

    • The entire application form is required to be completed.

Working Holiday Visa 462: The Requirements

    • The WHV 462 also has several requirements that you have to complete before applying for this particular visa. These requirements are: 

    • You must not have any dependents [Children] while you live in Australia. 

    • This should be your first Work & Holiday Visa 462. 

    • You should not have any criminal records. 

    • You must meet all the education requirements. 

    • Have taken the English language test and must carry proof of it. 

    • You need to carry a letter of support. 

    • You must own a valid passport that contains blank pages. 

    • Must provide passport-sized photographs. 

    • You must complete the entire visa application. 

    • Need to provide evidence that you can financially support yourself while living in Australia. 

Does The Length Of Stay For 417 and 462 Vary?

In short, yes, it does. The maximum length of stay between the WHV 462 and WHV 417 is one of the most significant differences. Individuals who are 417 Visa holders will be eligible to apply for the 2nd working holiday visa if they complete 88 days or 3 months of specific work within the country. 

But on the other hand, the WHV 462 holders cannot apply for a 2nd Work and Holiday Visa. To obtain more information on this matter. It will be much better to consult with the professional and Registered Migration Agent Perth, the best people for it. 

How Can The Migration Agents Help?

It can be pretty confusing when choosing between WHV 417 and WHV 462 because both of the visas contain many similarities. For such reasons, it will be better to opt for professional help. This is where the professional and the skilled Migration Agent Perth comes in. 

The knowledge and understanding within such areas will surely provide you with the help you need in a hassle-free manner. Apart from that, the agents will also provide you with a detailed explanation of each of the visas to make a proper decision. 

The migration agents will help fill out your visa application and give you a full list of documents you have to provide. The agents will double-check each of the documents and make sure that the entire work is done quickly and effectively. 

Apart from that, you will also get the chance to receive plenty of tips and advices on the best place to work, live and study. When you have experts beside you, the entire visa application process will look a lot easier. 

Ending Note

The WHV 462 and WHV 417 has many similarities along with few differences. Both visas are designed for people who wish to live and work within Australian soil during their holidays. It will be great to contact the professionals who know these two visas as they can help you during the visa application process. Taking up their guidance will prevent you from making any unwanted error or mistake during the application process.