When should you take taurine?

Taurine is often related to sport drinks or energy drinks and gains billions of dollars in the beverage industry. It has always made appearances in big sports events by being a sponsor. It may seem like taurine only benefits those who do sports for a living or literally as a hobby but it plays much more than that. The fact that taurine exists abundantly in cells of a human body shows how significant taurine is to the body. You probably wonder when you should take taurine since it displays numerous health benefits.

            Before probing further into when to take taurine, you may want to know more about the taurine itself first. Taurine is considered as an amino acid. Although it does not make up protein like other amino acids does, it still plays a vital role for body function especially the brain, eye and muscle. It is considered “conditionally essential” and humans are able to produce their own taurine at most times (except baby). Unfortunately, at times taurine produced is not enough to help with the body function. Hence, eating food containing taurine such as beef, chicken and shellfish can be the best way to provide the inadequate taurine. At this point, taurine supplement can be considered if food consumption is assumed not enough to gain taurine.

            Frankly, you can take taurine at any time. There are no such restrictions like in medicine that you have to take certain drugs at certain times of the day. If you are considering taurine to help amp up your physical exercise or sport performance, you may want to consider taking taurine supplement 1-3 gram per day 60-120 minutes prior to the activity. It is important to continuously and consistently take this for at least 6-21 days to start to see any difference in your body through physical performance. Taurine greatly helps with an active lifestyle due to its ability to reduce muscle soreness that is often seen as hindrance to sport endurance. It also helps to repair muscle tissue faster so the person can easily get going for their sport activities without much delay. Since sport exercises often cause a person to get easily tired and feeling rather hot due to temporary increase of body temperature, taurine is able to do thermoregulation that lowers this temporary temperature spike which resulted in prolong time needed to get exhaustion and eventually enhance their performance. We all know how frustrating it can be when the muscle hurts and causes swelling, loss of muscle strength and limited movements. Thus, taurine can help minimise these conditions.

            Aside from being beneficial for athletes and sport enthusiasts, taurine can help a child to become much active and smarter. Taurine supplement has been favoured by parents since it helps with their child learning process yet being active doing sports or exercise. It also aids children to have good memory skills and smarter thinking skills. The way taurine works is by improving the brain development in children and providing energy for them to stay energetic throughout the busy day in school and home. It also helps boost the immune system to fight off infections so they can learn more without missing school days by being sick or weak. Taurine supplement for children can be taken throughout the day, best taken at night time.

            Taurine may also be considered for those who are concerned of their eye health such as those who are always on the phone or long screen time to laptop/computer screen. It may also help those having trouble with sleep to have more quality sleep by altering the melatonin responsible for sleep regulation. It can also help with emotional distress by regulating the mood. Know about our Hajj vaccination package