What Hood Evangelist Said About Kirk Franklin’s Son, Kerrion Franklin Arrested In Alleged Murder Case

The estranged son of reality TV star Kirk Franklin has been arrested and held without bond. According to court documents, When the police searched his car, they found an unregistered gun. Kerrion said the gun and car weren’t his, so he was charged with possessing a firearm without a license and having an unregistered vehicle. Unfortunately, the woman who had been missing from LA and is believed to be dead also owns this car.

On her YouTube channel, Hood Evangelist reported about Kerrion, the Kirk Franklin son. Now let me share a short bio of Hood Evangelist.

Hood Evangelist is a well-known YouTuber with over 2 million followers on YouTube. He leads viewers on an in-depth exploration of the Bible, its significance, and how it applies to today’s world.

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Now let’s check what she said about kirk franklin’s son arrested 2022 on her YouTube video.

She said that Kerrion was “wrongfully detained” and was initially stopped by local authorities because of his taillight. Kerrion feels the charges were piled on after officers claimed he refused to be arrested.

“I’m just keeping my mind positive. I do aim to live a righteous lifestyle. All of this is unnecessary. I just want you guys to keep me in your prayers,” Said Kerrion from jail.

Kerrion insists that he doesn’t think the woman who sold him the car is dead. He claims to have met her and even knows her name, suggesting she may not be deceased.

A relationship between Kerrion and Kirk allegedly became strained after Kerrion came out as bisexual. In an episode of Bad Boys: Los Angeles, a heterosexual castmate forced Kerrion to disclose that he was gay by saying, “It’s not about you.”

In March of last year, a phone conversation was leaked between him and his father. This leaked conversation left social media in a frenzy as fans of the gospel legend had never seen or heard that side of him. As it stands, Kerrion said during the jailhouse, as mentioned earlier call, that he is not “in my life” and does not have any relationship with his father.

The 34-year-old gospel singer, who was arrested and is scheduled to face a judge later this week, has not released a statement regarding his son’s arrest. Court documents suggest that the 16-time Grammy Award-winning gospel singer received permanent housing in the jail and is scheduled to face a judge later this week.