Top Real Estate Companies In the US 2021

Top Real Estate Companies

The United States is home to the most real estate companies in the world. As of 2020, there are 3,016 firms operating in this space. The majority of these businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises with less than 100 employees. Many people associate expensive homes with luxury living but many Americans don’t have the finances for it or choose not to buy a house at all. In fact, over 40% of adults rent their homes as opposed to owning one outright. With so many options available today’s buyers can find properties that suit their needs without spending too much money on them. Let’s take a look at some of America’s top real estate firms!

Short Overview On Top Real Estate Companies:

Keller Williams’s assets Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Annual revenue for 2019: $ 351.2 billion

Growth rate for 2019: + 5.7%

Brookfield plus Management Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Annual revenue for 2019: $ 6782.6 billion

Growth Rate for 2019: + 19.47%

CBRE Headquarters: L. Angeles , California

Annual revenue for 2019: $ 2389.4 billion

Growth rate for 2019: + 11.97%

TCN Worldwide

Revenue: $ 58.6 billion

No. of employees: 5,500

Headquarters Location: Richardson, Texas, USA

Year established: 1989

East administrators

Revenue: $ 22.7 billion

No. of employees: 505

Headquarters Location: big apple town, New York, US

Year established: 1967

Abison Young

Revenue: $ 17.4 billion

No. of employees: 5,000

Headquarters Location: Toronto, Canada

Year established: 1978

Top Real Estate Companies within the US.

  1. American Tower

Industry: Specialty REITs

American Tower - Top Real Estate Companies

American Tower Corporation could be an assets investment company specializing in wireless communications infrastructure. It owns and operates quite one hundred eighty thousand communication sites, over 40,000 within the US. And concerning one hundred forty thousand properties in a geographical area, Europe and continent. Yank Tower hired a house wireless communication tower and repair within the building, distributed antenna system management.


Market Capitalization: $ one hundred and one billion-Stock Ticker: AMT

  • Prologis

Industry: Industrial REIT


Prologis Iraqi National Congress could be an international assets investment company specializing in supplying, additionally concerned in property development and production of renewable energy. As a worldwide leader in industrial assets, Prologis owns quite four thousand supplying and distribution centers and facilities in nineteen countries within u.  S., Europe, and Asia, accounting for quite $ thirteen.6 billion of managed assets.


Market capitalization: $ seventy six.3 billion-Stock Ticker: PLD

  • Crown Castle
crown castle

Crown Castle International Corporation, more merely called Crow Castle, it manages quite forty thousand communication towers and tiny cells and concerning eighty thousand route miles of fiber across the US.


Market capitalization: $ sixty eight.7 billion-Stock Ticker: CCI

Top Real Estate Companies (Lead Generation)

  1. Market Leader
Market Leader

The Real Estate Lead Generation Company, the Market leader was established in 1999 in Bellevue, Washington, and assists in more than 250,000 shoppers with leads, training, and shopper care therefore market pioneers will simply discover, providing sturdy options and providing customer and trafficker leads from multiple sources. Trade leaders like exit assets, higher homes and gardens, and Re/Max all use market leaders.

Market leaders supply a warranted variety of exclusive leads every month and ne’er sell an equivalent lead doubly so that they will not contend with another agent for leads. The market leader in marketing House values from that might also suspend the worth for future mercantilism. The second supply that’s pay-per-click advertising campaigns targeted at shoppers searching for a home listing is direct leads.

Market leaders embody the subsequent features:

  • Leads for each consumers and sellers
  • Marketing
  • Website creation
  • Mobile App
  • Integration with Multi-Listing Services (MLS))
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Bold Leads
bold leads

Bold Lead was supported in Chandler, Arizona, and could be a family-run business. It works with quite 2,500 assets agents across the U.S. and Canada. The corporate offers a colossal array of options for manufacturing trafficker leads and large consumers that is why we’ve got named it our competition. It additionally offers comprehensive client support and coaching therefore you’ll be able to understand your system and obtain it up and running at once.

Bold leads solely give exclusive leads and limit the number of agents during a given region. It will organize advertising campaigns on platforms like Google and Facebook, and so contact and organize new leads from the intrinsic  CRM that give their contact data that may be sent to agents in their space.

The daring lead feature is as follows:

  • Buyer and trafficker Leads
  • Automated follow-up
  • Like software system coaching job, video coaching
  • All-in-one platform with distinctive CRM
  • Text caretaker and email templates
  • Lead Engagement Indicator Tool

Bold Lead provides client support, training, coaching job, and videos to induce you up and running, learn the way to just accept and manage leads, and become aware of the platform. The price to form and manage ads and use CRM is $ 399 per month. The corporate recommends associate degree additional$250 per month minimum spent on shopping for leads.

  • Zurple

Zurple was founded in 2009 in San Diego, California, and is owned by Constellation Software. The company will represent clients with the best Zurple Auto-response choice and mechanized tools because it offers leads as well as integrated CRM and other automated tools to easily and efficiently contact and maintain leads.

 Zurple is an end-to-end software that captures leads and converts them into conversations and into customers. It is best to have a marketing budget that only targets your specific area, so you can also target specific sub-areas within a separate zip code. You can use targeted Zurple ads and combine them with your own leads from sites like Zillow. Zurple from your email address to contact leads about houses they have already seen.

Some of Zurple’s features include:

  • Buyer and Seller Leads
  • Automated, personalized, and data-driven email from email addresses
  • Coordination with Zillow, Trulia, and
  • Custom Sites
  • CRM
  • Complete online pro for each lead
  • Lead Contact Alerts

Zurple is easy to set up and gives you all the tools you need, including creating and customizing ads and websites, and CRM to manage leads. It has a blog and Success Center asset to assist you with beginning Fees start at $ 399 for each client each month, and onboarding expenses range from $ 199 to $ 499. The minimum monthly advertising cost is $ 250 per month.

Zurple has a + rating with a better business bureau but is not accredited. Customers have mostly positive definite things to say about the company. They appreciate a custom website and that lead is converted to the customer.


To help you make an informed decision, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the top real estate companies in the US for 2021. We hope this helps! The Top Real Estate Company List is broken down by state to ensure that your needs are met no matter where you live. It includes both national as well as local businesses so be sure to take a look at some potential options near you before making any decisions about who should represent your home buying or selling needs. Have fun browsing through our picks for the best real estate company in America!

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