Top Five Things That Invite Rodents

Rodents are disturbing little creatures that can climb ladders, walk across wires, scale walls, and even swim through sewers. If their infestation keeps increasing, you may need to hire a professional rat removal Perth team. Most agencies have two specialized teams for:

  • Rat Removal Perth
  • Bee Removal Perth


The most obvious thing that attracts rodents is unattended food. The best you can do is put the food away from the counter and wash up the dishes before going to bed. But it is not a guarantee that the rodents will stay away as they can even attack your cereals and oats. 

The food that attracts rodents the most includes:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Proteins
  • Grains and seeds
  • Snack foods

Rodents feed on vegetarian diets, especially oats and seeds. Fruit loops and oatmeal is a treat for them. So, it would be best if properly sealed these foods. You can also try putting your oats and cereals in plastic containers. By doing this, you make sure that no unwelcome guests are feeding on your cereal. 

Pet Food

We keep our food sealed but usually forget to do the same with pet foods, and this gives a chance to rodents to feed on them. To avoid this, make sure to throw away the food left by your pet or keep it in an air-tight container that the rodents won’t be able to break into. 


When we let stuff pile up in our bedrooms and open cupboards, we unknowingly invite rodents. These creatures are attracted to this mess and try to make their home in such places. Such unkempt conditions and a cluttered area make it the perfect nesting place for their family. 

If you do not want your bedroom to become a mouse breeding ground, try taking the following steps:

  • Deep clean the areas of your home that are susceptible to clutter build-up
  • Throw out any unwanted or old clothes
  • Keep your bedroom in a clean and tidy manner

Droppings from Previous Infestation

Rodents feel familiar with the places where their species lived earlier. Make sure to clean all the droppings and sanitize the nesting area if there was an earlier issue of a mouse infestation at your place. 

Open Doors and Windows

Nothing attracts rodents the way an open door, hole, or crack does. They are very little creatures and can easily get into your home from an open crack. If you keep doors or windows opened all the time without keeping an eye, these little unwanted guests will surely come and stay at your place. 

If you want to keep your windows or doors open for air during this humid weather, make sure they have thick screens. This will help keep the rodents away from your property. 

To inspect such cracks, our rat removal Perth team will reach you at your convenience after the booking. Feel free to contact us right away and get an instant free quote.