The myQ smart app for the Chamberlain Garage Door Opening Systems:-

The myQ smart app plays an important role in the functioning and controlling of the Chamberlain Garage Door Opening Systems. With the help of the you can easily control your garage door opening system. It provided you a lot of options so that you can easily control and track the status of your garage door.  Some of the major options which are provided by myQ app are listed below.

• Open and close garage door from a miles away.

• Scheduled timing for opening and closing of the garage door.

• Add more than one garage door to a single myQ app, and control both of then at the same time.

• Convert your device into key for garage door opening system, so no need to carry the garage door key with you.

Couple myQ app to your Garage door opening system:-

To add myQ smart app to your device, firstly you have to install the myQ app to your device, the app is available at both the platforms, i.e., Google paly store and the Apple app store. The name of app at both the platforms is myQ: Smart Garage & Access Control. After downloading the app you have to unbox the accessories of myQ smart hub.

Product come inside the box are:-

• Wi-Fi Hub

• A mounting plate

• A door sensor

• A power cord

• Mounting hardware

• Loop strips and hook

General steps to connect myQ app with the smart garage hub. Just follow this steps one by one as described, and you can easily connect your smart garage hub to your myQ smart app.

• Installing myQ app: Install the app from the google play store as well as from the apple app store, both the platforms have same name and logo of the app. After installing the app sign in or login in into the app, or if you are a new user then register your self with the help of your g-mail account, you receive a g-mail, follow the

Instruction and registered yourself, then login to  myQ: Smart Garage and Access Control. Or use when trying to set up the logins  

• After login into the app, then choose the option of smart garage control, then power on to your Garage door opener, close the door of your garage otherwise it will not work. Now, plug in the smart garage hub, a blue led light is start blinking, now press next in your device, your hub will be located as a trusted device, now press the hub icon on your device to continue to the installation process. 

• After completion the above processes, you need a strong and continuous wi-fi signal into your5 garage. Choose your home network to connect the Smart Hub, after connecting to wi-fi, the LED’s will start blinking, and then it will turn into dark green/  solid green.

• Now its time to start your smart door sensor, the smart door sensor contains a plastic strip, remove the plastic strip, so that the battery of your smart door opener starts working, now press the button on the door opener, it will sounds, beep and the red LED light will shut and open, now press the button again and you again listen a strong sound and the LED in the middle blink strongly. Now, your door sensor is paired successful to the smart garage door hub and to the device.

Garage Door Opening

• Wipe and clean the surface of the top panel of your garage door and attach the door sensor to door with the help of the strips provided with the box, make sure that the door sensor is fix hardly to the door. The side labeled with top is always on the top, otherwise fix it by seeing the logo of the myQ smart hub.

(NOTE)- For the security purposes move back from the door, because next step will allow your door to move.

• Hope every things goes as discussed in above steps, now select the name of the brand of your garage door, and select the color on your device, which is painted on your garage door motor. Now, press the button on device and then in the motor, the system started the programming Automatically.

• After successful programming, enter the name for your garage door opener, and Submit the information for next step. 

• Find a location to mount the Smart Hub, and use the accessories, provided with the smart hub to mount or fix the smart garage hub.

• Plug the cord into the hub, and the another part of the cord to the plug. Now, wait until the LED light turns into solid green color. 

• Now, you are just 1 step way to control your garage door automatically.

• Click to the garage option on your device and open the door automatically. 

After gone through these steps, you are easily converting your garage door into a automatic garage door.