The legendary footballer Pele has passed away

Did God provide Pele the right to decide when to depart? Otherwise, perhaps, many people during the World Cup revealed his passing. The king of football may have stayed, though, because he didn’t want to dim the excitement around the World Cup.

No one else in the world experiences the same level of happiness as him when the World Cup arrives. He only gained notoriety on a global scale as a result of the World Cup. This legend left this earth before the World Cup because of it.

Pele, who was 82 years old, passed away tonight after the World Cup was over. On social media, his daughter Kelly Nascimento announced his passing.

He had a protracted illness. Colon cancer was then added to the list of issues associated with becoming older. Some people manage to defeat this fatal illness. Pele battled for a while. Age, however, was not on his side.

It was also time, according to the medical staff at Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein Hospital. The beginning of palliative care. Many people refer to the medical phrase “palliative care” as “end-of-life care.” This means that services are offered to relieve pain and suffering till death when a patient’s body does not respond to traditional treatment.

_footballer Pele has passed away

Who knows, maybe he didn’t even want to experience this sorrow.

How many games have you won in your life? How many losses have you turned around with a last-second goal? He fought this “battle” with cancer, but in the end, he gave up and died at the age of 82. Most people consider Gone to be the greatest footballer of all time. He is also known in Brazil as “O Rey” or “King.”

On December 1, Pele was brought into the medical facility. He has been visiting the hospital regularly for a few years. When fans are anxious, they tweet or post on Instagram after they leave the hospital to relieve their anxiety. This is what happened. He reassured the crowd once more this time, first his daughter and then himself. Pele was sent to the hospital for a routine check-up, so there is no need to think about anything else, according to Kelly Nascimento, who also admitted the father to the facility. On social media, Kelly Nascimento frequently posted updates on Pele’s health.

But there is solace in the news of the football king’s illness! Supporters of the team hoisted banners from the gallery to wish Pele a swift recovery even during the Qatar World Cup match versus Brazil. They carried Pele’s enormous shirt onto the field.

The three-time World Cup champion footballer (1958, 1962, and 1970) expressed gratitude to the supporters for their prayers and well wishes by writing on Instagram on December 2 that his physical state is “stable” in light of everything that had happened.

However, since the football community has been praying for Pele, his physical condition has gotten worse. The World Cup in Qatar organization also sent him good vibes. During World Cup games, his enormous digital poster was visible from multiple stories of buildings. A digital memorial to the football champion also sported the words “Get well, king” yesterday.

But his daughter broke the news today. The king never recovered his health.

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