Take the Guidance of Career Problem Astrology for the Right Direction

Career problem astrology is a branch of natal astrology that analyzes the horoscope to provide information about a person’s career and work.

It deals with what field or type of work suits you best, your working conditions (such as salary, environment, colleagues)as per freecareerastrology, how well you fit into your chosen career or line of work, and possible hazards associated with it. Through the birth chart interpretation, one can understand both psychological factors involved in the profession and physical requirements for a particular job (physical characteristics like height, color-blindness, etc.).

Chart factors:

● House which contains the sign Leo as per free career astrology prediction

● Tenth house lord aspecting its sign or exaltation sign.

● The ascendant lord is placed in the tenth house of profession.

According to Vedic astrology career prediction, a planet’s sign and house position are combined to indicate a person’s work style. The first two houses show a person’s external environment – who they work with and how they interact with people. Houses 3–6 indicate what activities the individual engages in at work – their duties and responsibilities – and how they go about executing tasks.

Houses 7–12 reveal what knowledge, skills, or ideas drive them on the job and any deeper psychological drivers. Finally, houses 13–6 point out those things that limit them from being effective on the job, such as fear of failure or getting stuck doing one thing forever. Note that these interpretations only apply to the current lifetime. With astrology, it is possible to solve your career problem quickly.

Career problem prediction as per various zodiac signs and how it affects


Mars rules Aries. Mars is the planet of action and aggression, which means that those born under this sign often crave adventure and challenge in their work lives. They enjoy intense relationships at work as well as with clients and teammates.

Taurus: The Moon (ruler: Cancer)

The Sun and Moon represent Taurus’s work and career. Their strong instincts help them choose a profession where they can use these skills to succeed. They tend not to jump around from job to job too much, but instead take time finding the right career for them.)*

Gemini: Mercury ** (Ruler: Virgo)  

Mercury rules Gemini’s ability to communicate, think quickly, and reason analytically. These people tend to be very well-spoken and clear communicators, both verbally and in writing.

Cancer: Sun and Moon

 The Sun and Moon represent Taurus’s work and career in astrology. Their strong instincts help them choose a profession where they can use these skills to succeed. They tend not to jump around from job to job too much but instead take time to find the right career for them.

Leo: The Sun ** (Ruler: Leo)  

The Sun represents Leo’s ability to lead others through their confidence. Those born under this sign often start as bosses or managers at work because of their natural leadership ability.)

Virgo: Mercury (Ruler: Gemini) 

Mercury rules Gemini’s ability to communicate, think quickly, and reason analytically. These people tend to be very well-spoken and clear communicators, both verbally and in writing.) *

Libra: – Venus **

Venus represents social graces and charm. Those born under this sign often seek careers that make them the center of attention.

Career problem solution astrology can be used to help you choose a career that’s right for your tastes, interests, and talents

Astrology is the study of how the positions of celestial bodies affect events on earth. The chart shown below represents where planets were when you were born. Each planet has its influence on your life. For example, Mercury rules communication skills. Venus rules money management, whereas Mars rules physical energy and courage.

Moreover, Jupiter rules travel and higher education, and Saturn rules discipline and responsibility.

Uranus rules your career path involving computers or electricity, and Neptune helps you with creative outlets/artistic abilities/higher learning/spirituality/psychic ability/ science fiction writing. Pluto brings transformation through pain or suffering, and North Node helps you avail yourself of social connections to read one’s own or another’s chart. Knowledge of the planets and their placement gives excellent insight into who people are and what they can do.

A unique online horoscope is created each time a person is born because of where planets were in the sky at that particular moment. Only a handful of people will have an exact copy of your natal horoscope – making you one-of-a-kind! 

To find out which professions would be best suited for your sign, read your sign description below. If you don’t know which astrology signs represent which type of work, consult an astrologer

For instance, if you’re a Cancer and you want to be a musician, find all the Cancers in this list and choose any of their suggested professions:

Suitable jobs:

● Aries (fire sign, ruled by Mars) – Martial arts teacher, coach, military officer, police officer

● Taurus (earth sign, ruled by Venus) – Aesthetician/makeup artist/hairstylist/plant grower/plant specialist

● Cancer (water sign, ruled by the moon)- Musician, retail buyer for a clothing store or art supply store

Interpretations explicitly designed for use with those house configurations to analyze career problems

Astrocartography is an astrology technique that allows one to map out the placement of the planets at the time of birth. And then use those placements as a guide for understanding how thinking, values, life events/circumstances, decisions, actions, etc., are influenced by planetary cycles.

The same principles can be applied to career problem analysis. It requires knowledge of only one technique – geodetic calculation of latitude/longitude – which is simple enough even for children to compute. The following article will discuss what aspects are relevant to the career-related analysis.

Shrīanesecareer problem astrology employs several methods to planetary influence on people’s personal lives and careers. Most importantly, it uses

● transits,

● secondary progressions

● and directions.

Career Problem astrology should not be confused with natal astrology

The latter employs unique house systems and chart interpretations explicitly designed for use with those house configurations. In contrast, this technique does not make such provisions and is equally applicable to everyone regardless of birth time or place. At the same time, this technique can be used to assess career prospects for any individual.

The Geodetic latitude of the Moon at birth (the following factors play a role in career problem analysis) is their geodetic coordinates. These are determined by adding/subtracting degree values to one’s natal chart. The longitude is counted as positive if one moves east, negative if one moves west. A less than 1-degree change will not make much difference, but if one’s longitude is more than 1 degree away from the natal value, it will already be a clear indicator of a different life direction.

The Moon rules the 2nd house in an individual’s chart, which is associated with emotions/feelings and things that are nurtured or that nurture.

Whenever possible, an attempt should be made to determine the natal chart’s geodetic latitude of the Moon. This is especially important if one does not have access to an ephemeris appropriate for conversions. If this is impossible, using a secondary progressions technique can be used in place of it.