Subme use cases: How to Subme everything

Subme is a growing cryptocurrency project that aims to revolutionize the way the subscription-based business model works. The project aims to connect multiple different parties, including businesses, users, and influencers. However, while this is the most immediate effect of the project, it is far from being all that Subme has to offer.

In fact, the idea of Subme reaches is much, much further than being a simple subscription to receive your favorite services and products.

What can Subme really do for you?

Regardless of whether you are a user, business, or influencer using Subme, the platform and its token can serve you in a variety of different ways. We have already mentioned connecting these three parties for mutual benefits, but that’s just scratching the surface.

Subme can also be used as a very efficient investment tool, using one of the most powerful and effective crypto investment strategies known as the Dollar Cost Averaging. Basically, doing a DCA for only a single year with $100 per month could, in theory, make a 248.48% return on investment.

And, if you are not interested in investing in crypto, Subme is a subscription model for investing in traditional finance, as well. The Dollar Cost Averaging strategy can be applied for a variety of trading instruments and assets, including things like ETFs, shares, bonds and more. These can be even better for a risk-weary investor, as they are much less volatile than the crypto industry.

Your earnings likely won’t be as high, but your risk of losing your investment will be much lower, as well.

Subme can also be used for saving up for your retirement, or, if you want something a bit closer than that — next year’s holiday season. You can start saving up and increasing your savings immediately after the holiday season ends, in preparation for the next one. So, when the time comes, you won’t have to spend your entire salary on gifts — you will have a sizable amount of money put aside for that very purpose.

The same can be applied to summer vacations, traveling, birthdays, and any other event where you need a decent amount of money, but can’t afford to spend your entire monthly pay to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones.

As you can see, Subme is a lot more than simply subscribing to something that you like — it is a multipurpose project that can change your life and help you manage and earn money like never before.

Subme is a gamechanger for the rapidly growing (surpassed $4 B in 2020) subscription and e-commerce market. Why? It is the world’s first platform focused on subscribing to both physical products and services. Learn more at


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