Rug Repair Guide: 5 Minor Repairs You Can Do at Home

When you love your rug, no matter how old or damaged it is, you don’t feel like dumping it. And why should you leave the flooring when you can fix these issues at home? Apart from rug repair services, you can also perform some minor rug repairs without the help of professionals. In this guide, you will know all such remedies in detail. 

  1. Small Holes or Punctures on rug’s underside

That isn’t a long-term solution, but because it’s a do-it-yourself fix for a hole on the underside of a rug, it works. If your flooring has small holes or breaches on the bottom, you can keep them from broadening by pressing the separated parts together again and covering the hole with duct tape. Flip your rug back over and press it down to secure it. The duct tape should maintain anything from getting in and enlarging or complicating the hole, and it won’t be an eyesore because it’s hidden beneath the rug.

  1. Tears in the Back

A puncture in the back of your flooring is simple to repair. You could always cover it with adhesive tape if you’re on a tight budget. Use duct tape to fix indoor area rugs. Brush off any dirt or debris before applying the tape for a more secure hold. Push any fibres that come to the surface back into place. Then, using adhesive tape, catch the fibres. However, for double-fabric sided rugs, push the dispossessed cloth through the cut to the side and tie off the holes with furnishings thread.

  1. Loose Backing

If any part of your rug’s backing is pulling away or becoming separated, glue it back in place! It should hold fine, and if things start to detach again, continue the cycle. Work carefully so that no glue gets on your palms or the upper of the rug, and you’ll be alright.

  1. Damaged stitches

Even one damaged stitch can pull all threads and mess up your braided rug. To fix this, pull out these damaged stitches after unrolling the flooring. Then, repair damaged material and re-braid the braids. Sew the coil and corners around each other tightly with linen thread. If you don’t know how to braid, contact a company offering the best rug repair services. 

  1. Unravelling Braided Rug 
  • To begin, determine the length of the isolated part between braids. Then, cut a length of thread that is at least three times its original length.
  • Thread your needle with doubled thread and tie a nice knot at the end to keep the strands together.
  • Turn your rug over and thread your needle through one of the disconnected braids, then add the following it into another braid, pulling them firmly around each other. If you squeeze your thread through to the upper edge of your rug, it may leave an unsightly mark.
  • Repeat until the braids are sewn together all the way along with separation.

So, follow these tricks or call rug repair Perth experts if you are unsure about the damage or repair procedure.