Poultry Demand Continues To Grow

Chicken has become the number one source of animal protein in the world. Due to the speed at which chickens can grow and the fact that they are a cheap source of animal protein. As more and more of us consume chicken, the prices will certainly rise over time. As of now, chicken is by far the cheapest and most accessible animal protein source for most of the global population. It will remain this way for decades to come, even with the rise of vegetarianism. Some people are changing their eating habits fast, but overall demand for animal protein products continues to rise.

Could Benefit Some Companies

Some companies directly and indirectly related to the poultry business will certainly benefit. From chicken, farmers to feed producers the list is endless. For this reason, the sector is clearly an investment opportunity. Although most of us have not dreamed of becoming chicken farmers, there are other ways to benefit from this trend. One of them is buying stocks of chicken producers. Industrias Bachoco is one of the most well-established poultry producers in the American continent. It is present mainly in Central America, but it reaches the south and north parts. Bachoco stock is a great way to get exposure to the poultry business, and although it is not a high-growth stock, it can provide you with some good returns. Also, read the role of the online business manager!

Chicken Shortages

With the pandemic, most of the supply and demand dynamics in the poultry business have been tremendously affected. This created a situation where demand is higher than supply. We have been seeing poultry prices increase all across the world, and demand does not seem to stop. If the situation continues for much longer, we could see the prices of chicken reach even higher. Once again this situation is too difficult to predict, but an investment in the sector could be a great opportunity. It is nonetheless difficult to decide between multiple poultry producers. One that stands out from the crowd is Bachoco stock, a stable and reliable vehicle to get some exposure to increased prices and demand for chicken.