Nitin Pujari Ji Gave A Very Good Message Through His Social Media Handle On The Occasion Of Mokshada Ekadashi

In ancient times, a king named Vaikhanas ruled in the city of Gokul. One day the king dreamed that his father was suffering in hell and was praying for his son’s salvation. Seeing this condition of his father, the king became distraught. He called the Brahmins and asked the meaning of his dream. The brahmins advised him to go to the ashram of a sage named Parvat and ask for the solution of his father’s salvation.

The king did the same. When the mountain sage listened to the king, he got worried. He said – O Rajan! Your father has attained hell because of the karmas of previous births. Fasting on Mokshada Ekadashi and offering its fruit to his father can be his salvation. The king observed Mokshada Ekadashi according to the sage’s words and received blessings by offering food, dakshina and clothes etc. to Brahmins. After this the king’s father attained salvation due to the effect of the fast.

Nitin Pujari says ” On the day of Mokshada Ekadashi, Lord Krishna had said in the Gita preaching that you have the right only on the action and not on its fruit. So keep working, don’t worry about the result.”

I pray to Balaji Maharaj, may all continue to progress on their path of action.
Be healthy, be happy

Ekadashi (Ekadashi 2021) has special significance in Hinduism and by doing charity on this day, a person gets auspicious results.

Nitin Pujari

Spiritual Influencer Nitin Pujari : Balaji Salasar’s Iconic Youth Devotee
Nitin Pujari is the 9th generation of Mohandas Ji. The entire ancestry had devoted themselves to worshipping for not their own sake but for humanity. The family is delighted to serve spiritually. Nitin Pujari has become popular among millennials because he puts his way to find God and preaches among his followers, who has secured a place in the heart of his people for good.