NCR Days Web Series – A Marketing Strategy That Works!

The NCR Days Web Series is a great example of an online series that uses comedy to bring a serious story to life. The series follows Mahesh Vyas, a simple village boy, as he attempts to earn an MBA degree for his girlfriend. Along the way, he meets a group of 5 friends, and the series follows their journey as they pursue their studies. Whether they succeed or fail, NCR Days has a unique premise that makes it a must watch for fans of comedy web series.

The cast of NCR Days is well-known

Nikhil Vijay stars in the lead role. He also stars alongside TVF superstars Ambrish Verma and Purnendu Bhattacharya. Nikhil Vijay and Ambrish Verma are also featured in the web series. The show is directed by Ambrish Bhattacharya. It was first aired on the YouTube channel The Timliners.

The NCR Days web series premiered on July 19 and was followed by the release of all the previous episodes in a week. The fourth episode of NCR Days has recently been released, and viewers can enjoy it now. In this episode, Monu battles with college students at a freshers’ party. She then joins a restaurant party, where she finds Naveen. However, there is also an unexpected twist in the story – Naveen finds Monu at the bar, and the two have a love triangle!

TVF is a pioneer in producing original content for the Internet. Besides, it has produced many shows in the realm of student life and across platforms. The timeliner team behind NCR Days is Arunabh Kumar, who founded the brand in 2012. The company will launch the trailer of NCR Days on July 15.

The Sunstone brand is also an integral part of the story and integrates seamlessly with the NCR Days concept. It is an excellent match, as it highlights today’s motivation and intent to succeed. With NCR Days, the Sunstone brand will be in the spotlight. So, what are you waiting for? The NCR Days web series has the perfect match! It’s time for your child to watch it! The NCR Days Web Series is a perfect example of a marketing strategy that works!