Managing Security in The Modern Examination Scenario

The education system, as well as examination standards in India, move as progressively as new technology keeps coming up. Facing new challenges, both have evolved gracefully to take on any situation that keeps coming up. For instance, the situation with the pandemic saw the rise of online education in a prominent position. Where online education was barely a thing in the past few years, the recent challenges have empowered a better solution with online classes and coaching. Similarly, examination standards have advanced gradually over the years to stand strong as well. They are better equipped now than they were, to deal with the challenges the modern era throws at them.

Examinations, on the news, only gather interest in certain situations. One of them is during the time of competitive exams. The other of course is when news comes up about evidence of exam malpractices. This kind of news is of course quite shocking when read. But it should be satisfactory to note that this kind of news isn’t as frequent. And what contributes to this status quo you might wonder? That’s the subject we are about to explore today.

Modern Security Solutions

A modern examination scenario requires a modern approach to problem-solving. Why? Only modern security solutions can keep away from low-level cheaters to frauds utilizing sophisticated devices to commit exam malpractices. Of course, all of these solutions are built with specific needs in mind, but they can be used for other purposes as well as in keeping exams secure. Let’s explore the possibilities:

Advanced Frisking – Now with Metal Detectors

We’ve all been frisked whether it is the examination centre or a walk to the mall. Even railway stations and airports have stringent checking via frisking. Given that examination candidates can also partake in fraudulent activities, it makes sense to utilise frisking here as well. To enhance security and keep away potential cheaters, exam conductors make regular use of devices like a handheld metal detector on rent in their arsenal.

Conventional frisking can be useful, but living in this era means being prepared for newer challenges. Such challenges show up in the form of small devices that may be hidden well enough to show up during frisking. With metal detectors coming to the rescue, however, frisking has become more effective than it once was. Of course, to ensure better detection, doorframe metal detectors can also be used. The double-layer frisking solution ensures that no one can sneak in surprises that give them an unfair advantage.

Biometrics – It’s Not SciFi Anymore

To ensure secure examinations the conducting agencies usually hire biometric service providerswho provide solutions that ensure better exam security. How many of you have heard of biometric devices used outside of movies and in the real world?

You must have at least seen a fingerprint scanner in use. Then you know what it is used for. Let’s begin with the basics then – fingerprint scanning. Fingerprint identification has always been the best alternative for verification for a very long time. And it’s still used for verifying and identifying individuals.

Like fingerprint scanning, biometric systems such as facial recognition and iris pattern recognition as well work on similar terms. Verification technology like this works more than just ensuring fair exams by keeping impersonators out. Biometric systems also can effectively work as attendance systems. They keep track of all students logging in, in an encrypted data form. With a record of their attendance or lack thereof, this system discourages anyone from fraudulently claiming to have been present.

Surveillance Systems – Better Than A Hawk’s Eye

Anyone who has ever attended a school level examination knows quite well what goes on in an exam hall. Students engage in cheating, sharing answers with others, and even making use of some very sophisticated ways to pass information. Using of a CCTV surveillance system, however, examinations are kept secure from the plague of examination malpractices.

Exam invigilators may discourage people from giving in to malpractices, but they don’t always work well to dissuade repeat offenders. Bringing a more potent option like CCTV surveillance empowers exam bodies by constantly being able to keep an eye on every aspect of the exam hall. It not only records and broadcasts every inch of the examination venue but also creates a psychological effect on the minds of the attendants.

OMR Scanning – Convenience & Security

Exam security faces problems not only from candidates but also those who are a part of the conducting bodies. But bringing in a secure solution like OMR sheet scanning services, exams can be kept away from malpractices even with breaches within the system. That may of course sound fictional, or imagination, but recent news everyone keeps reading about shows that individuals within exam conducting bodies also empower cheating. By using OMR sheets and such a secure scanning service, an exam can be kept secure from all aspects of malpractices.

Keeping Up With The Security Concerns

No security is of course foolproof, and there are always new cases of those attempting to break a security system. But everything has a balance, and just as likely it is to find loopholes to exam security, newer solutions will see those beat. Modern security using advanced security solutions is the best option to always enhance modern examinations. With how effective it has been, one can only expect it to keep exams secure and fair for everyone for a long time to come.