Keeping up with the Study Abroad Trends

The number of students aspiring to study abroad has been on the rise for decades now. Whether it is world-class programs or state-of-the-art facilities, students seem to opt for International universities in order to build a successful career. Even though the pandemic affected the chances of moving abroad for a couple of years, things are back to normal again with study abroad programs. Having said that, there have been some changes in the industry. The number of countries supporting global education and offering the choice to finish one or two semesters from home is a substantial reason for students to have been adapting to these new changes to make the most of the opportunities.

But why has there always been a steady demand to move abroad for studies? Let’s look into that first.

State-of-the-art infrastructure, good exposure, and global recognition of the degrees have always been the primary reasons for students to opt for an International program.

Another major reason has been the availability of scholarships that reduce the financial burden for students. For most students, the financial constraint is a huge factor when choosing their Institution and choice of Major. Most countries provide scholarships for International students to make it a much more viable option. But it is still difficult to find the right one and use it for your own benefit. That’s where The WorldGrad comes to your aid. Our globally recognized programs delivered in collaboration with our partner institutions give you 1-to-1 support and maximize your success overseas while also helping you get assured scholarships and savings of 25% or more.

The rank of top International universities and demand for the same in the job market has also been one of the major reasons for students to go for an International program.

So what has been one of the major changes in the field during recent times? The introduction of hybrid learning! With universities allowing students to complete a part of the program while they prepare themselves to move abroad has been one of the most welcoming changes in the field.

One such example is the “UK Year 1” program by The WorldGrad.

We have announced a one-of-a-kind “UK Year 1” program with the Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM) to help you breeze through the 40-week first year of the undergraduate degree in just 26 weeks online. With well-reputed partners like Edge Hill University, Plymouth Marjon University, De Montfort University, and many more, all your credits will be approved by the UK’s top-most universities.

The change in scholarship trends is also worth mentioning as it helps students streamline their study abroad options and minimises the financial burden. The introduction of a plethora of scholarships including full scholarships in some of the major countries has rekindled the interest in International students in 2022.

Another major relief has been that many universities have waived off the requirement of submitting GMAT /GRE scores for almost all master’s courses. This has made it easier for students to focus more on their grades and get into world-class universities on merit.

So which are some of the countries that are still in demand in 2022?

  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United States
  • New Zealand

To add to this, the rise of full scholarship programs in countries like Finland and Norway has changed the global educational landscape a bit.


The pandemic definitely made it difficult for students to get into International programs but with things being reset to normal now, more and more universities are welcoming International students.

All in all, the demand for overseas education is here to stay and will be on the rise in the coming future. With the right help, you can get into your dream university and start your successful journey. Reach out to our expert counselors at The WorldGrad and let us help you take the first step toward your overseas program.

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