How to Write an Essay Outline?

Do you need essay help online? On this page, you are providing Essay help, so your search must end. Here Essays are generally a piece of writing that is the writer’s argument. To write an impressive essay, readers can first outline (well-planned, straightforward) and then start writing the essay based on the structure or outline.

First, let’s start with an outline. It is a plan that should be made before execution. As for Essay Outline, it was planning the structure of the essay before beginning writing. It’s like the index or content page in a book that tells the book cover in an ordered manner.

Essay Outline is the points (small sentences or phrases) you prepare before starting the writing that will help give you the overall structure of the essay earlier. For example, suppose there is some mistake (like the content not up to the topic, or detailed information about some things that are not important). In that case, it will also help make the earlier changes because if we correct after writing the complete essay, it will be a waste of time.

Steps to Write an Essay Outline

There are three main components of an essay outline – Introduction, Body, and conclusion.

Introduction – In this, you have to mention the topic and its thesis statement. With the help of a thesis statement, the body of the essay is written.

Body (paragraph with arguments) – There will be a minimum of three paragraphs in an essay’s body. In each paragraph, start with writing a topic sentence along with the argument based on the thesis statement (present in the introduction) and support (data, facts, or examples) for the topic sentence.

Conclusion – Lastly, wrap up the essay here by summarizing the goal of the topic. Also, restate the thesis statement in the last paragraph.

General Essay Outline

I. Introduction

a) Introduce a topic

b) Thesis Statement

II. Body; Paragraph-1

a) topic sentence based on the argument for the thesis statement

b) Supporting the argument using the data, facts, and examples

c) Explanation about the relation of argument with the thesis statement

III. Body; Paragraph-2

a) topic sentence with another argument for the thesis statement

b) Supporting the argument using the data, facts, and examples

c) Explanation about the relation of argument with the thesis statement

IV. Body; Paragraph-3

a) another topic sentence with a different argument, or a counterargument for the thesis

b) Supporting or explaining the argument why the counterargument doesn’t work with the help of data, facts, and examples

c) Explanation about the relation of argument with the thesis statement

V. Conclusion

a) Summarizing all the main points of the essay

b) Restate your thesis statement

c) also, add a call to action according to the topic i.e. what you want readers to need to do after reading the essay

Note:- In general there are three paragraphs in the Body part but if the topic is the broad scope or if there is a need for more content, then you can add more paragraphs in the same structure as mentioned paragraphs 1 and 2

The benefit of Outlining an Essay

Why do we have to outline an essay or research paper? Following are the points that will show the importance of Essay Outline

  • It will be helpful to remain organized and focused on the main topic while writing the content of the essay  
  • If there is an effective essay outline, it will be easier to put the resource/research at the right place. Then you can check if the inserted information is supporting the thesis statement or not. If the resources don’t support the topic or don’t provide the supporting evidence for the thesis statement, then there is the need to restructure the Outline.
  • It can also be used to make a logical flow of points and sub-points
  • It will also help make the correct order of content written.         

Things to do before outlining an Essay

There are also some of the things that you have to perform before drafting an Essay’s Outline –

Step 1 – Firstly read the topic carefully. Then you need to familiarize yourself with things like what type of essay you have to write, how many arguments are needed, word limit for the essay.

Step 2 – Answer yourself, what is the purpose of your topic that means how you want the readers to see your essay – informative, persuasive, or for entertainment.

Step 3 – The most important things you have to identify the audience. You must know who you want to read your essay. Based on the audience, you have to prepare your arguments.

Step 4 – Draft your thesis statement. A thesis statement should consist of enough information so that the readers will be interested and emotionally involved with your writing

After completing the above-mentioned steps, start structuring the outline of the essay.

Sometimes, it is asked to submit the essay outline as a part of the assignment to check how you approach the topic. It’s good to first create an outline before writing, even if it is not asked to submit. After outlining the essay, revise and see if all the important points are included or not.

Check if –

  • your outline has a main idea, supporting points, and conclusion    
  • supporting points are related to the main idea of the essay or not
  • the thesis statement is as per the topic or not
  • the outline is in the right order or not
  • the outline is clear for others to understand or not

If the above-mentioned points are not there, then restructure the outline. Also there are many online Essay helpers that will be helpful in outlining the structure of essays efficiently.


There are many essays, and everyone has to write them, whether in schools or colleges. The basic structure of the essays is the same, but there is a slight difference in specifications and knowledge of these essays. You have to understand the difference and then design the outline accordingly. You can also use the internet for essay help online. When you know how to write an impressive Essay Outline, you will become a better essay writer.