How to Pick the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

It can be tough to pick kitchen cabinets when you have so many options. You have choices of cabinet maker, type of wood, stains or paint, full or partial overlay doors, hidden or exposed hinges and other design items. The combinations available can easily reach into the thousands. Which one is the perfect choice for your kitchen? In this article we will discuss kitchen cabinets in depth and break down all the different types so that you are able to make a decision on what style will work best for your kitchen remodel project.

The first step is to decide what type of kitchen cabinets you want. The most popular style by far are framed cabinets. These have a frame around the cabinet box that is visible and the door hinges on this frame. There are three main types of framed kitchen cabinets: full overlay, partial overlay and inset. Full overlay kitchen cabinets hide all the hardware except for the handles on the outside of the doors.

Partial overlay kitchen cabinets have a small lip or reveal around the edge of each door where it meets the cabinet box which exposes some of the hardware like hinges, but not as much as traditional framed kitchen cabinets. Inset kitchen cabinets are set into a groove in the cabinet box and are flush with the front surface so that there is no reveal or lip.

The second step is to choose the type of wood for your kitchen cabinets. The most popular woods are cherry, maple and oak. However, there are many other types of wood available such as alder, birch, hickory and pine that can give your kitchen a unique look. You also have the option of choosing a laminate finish which will give you the look of real wood without the added expense or maintenance.

After you have chosen the style and type of kitchen cabinets you want, it is time to decide on the finish. You have three main options: stain, paint or a natural sealer. Stain will give your cabinets a deep color that will enhance the natural wood grain. Paint is a great option for kitchen cabinets because it is easy to change the color of your kitchen with just a fresh coat. Natural sealer will protect and preserve your kitchen cabinetry and allow you to enjoy its beauty without any added effort or expense over time.

Finally, once you have chosen all these options there are still some design choices that can be made on kitchen cabinets such as cabinet face frame style (raised panel, flat panel), type of door hardware (knobs/pulls) hinges, pullout shelving vs roll-outs etc. These are minor details but they do affect how your kitchen ultimately looks so make sure you choose wisely! You may even want to consider hiring an interior designer if this is the first time remodeling your kitchen. This will ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams!