How To Embed Twitter Feed To Any Website

Twitter possesses a large number of socially active audiences on its platform, which makes it a powerful social media channel for businesses and brands to connect with their audiences.

Businesses reach highly active audiences with interesting content to boost their participation and engagement with their promotional content.

And you are also receiving tremendous engagement from the users in the form of tweets. Twitter is also a powerful social media channel to run hashtag campaigns as it will reach socially active users and encourage them to promote the cause raised by your business through hashtag campaigns.

If you are running any promotional campaign on Twitter through frequently posting on tweets, running hashtags, mention tags, and receiving a response from your followers or fans, then it is a tremendous opportunity for your business to display this content on their website and boost content quality on your website.

Embedding Twitter feed on websites boosts your website content quality with interactive, interesting, and entertaining content that boosts the engagement of customers on your website.

If you are looking to embed these amazing Twitter posts or say “tweets” on your website, then we are providing you with a powerful tool to easily embed on your website.

Along with learning about the tools to embed Twitter feeds on websites, we will also enlighten you with the advantages of embedding Twitter feeds on your website.

So let’s begin to deep dive into embedding Twitter feeds on your website, built on any CMS platform.

Twitter Feeds Tools To Embed Tweets On Any Website

You can find a number of tools on the internet to embed Twitter feeds on the website. But most of the tools support embedding Twitter feeds on particular website building platforms, thus not supporting or compatible with different CMS or website building platforms.

Most of the Twitter feeds tools support the integration of Twitter posts for WordPress websites. So here below are the tools that are compatible with embedding Twitter feeds on any website, regardless of CMS platform.

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is popularly known as the best social media aggregator tool to integrate attractive and engaging social media posts on the website. Twitter widget is a widely used social media source on Twitter to collect and display Twitter feeds on the website.

Besides various features and functionalities offered by Taggbox Widget, it also has support for integration of Twitter feeds on website platform platforms just with a single-liner code. With Taggbox Widget, you can simply and easily add Twitter feeds on any website platform without any typical coding.


Similar to Taggbox Widget, Tagembed is also a website-friendly platform that allows you to display social media feeds on any website. With easy and code-free functionalities, Tagembed has made it simple and less technical to embed Twitter feeds on the website, without many typical technicalities.

Tagembed is partnered with various website platforms, making the process effective to place Twitter feeds on any website without many complexities.


SmashBalloon, a reliable, trustworthy, and widely used Twitter widget tool on the internet providing multiple features, drag & drop functionality, and integration of Twitter feeds on different website platforms smoothly and seamlessly.

SmashBalloon is a powerful tool to integrate Twitter feeds on the website without thinking of the CMS system in which your website is built. If you wish, you can also install and set up a SmashBalloon plugin on your website to make it super functional and easy to place social media feeds on your website.


Another tool you can use to display Twitter feeds on your website is Elfsight. If you like to collect and embed multiple Twitter feeds on your website, Elfsight is your tool to place vibrant and attractive Twitter feeds on your website. It is again a user-friendly tool that provides you with code-free integration of social media feeds on your website.

Advantages Of Embedding Twitter Feeds On Website

Displaying Twitter feeds on your website brings so many advantages to your website that you have never experienced before with any other kind of content you incorporate into your website.

Twitter is a platform that possesses millions of socially active users on their platform who like to talk about different topics to reach their voice with millions of users. Embedding Twitter feeds on the website is a great way to offer the same Twitter experience to your website audience and connect them with your Twitter content. Embedding Twitter feeds brings so many advantages to your website. These are some of the significant benefits that you will surely experience on your website after embedding Twitter feeds.

  • Boost visitors’ engagement that will increase session duration and lower bounce rate on your website.
  • Augment website appearance with a vibrant and designful display of Twitter feeds, merges with your content.
  • Amplify content quality on your website with interactive, informative, and vibrant Twitter feeds combined with your website content.

Wrapping Up!

Hence, concluding this blog with a note that embedding Twitter feeds is the best decision to improve your website performance. If you are looking for the Twitter feed tool that helps you embed your Twitter feeds with multiple CMS platforms, then you can choose any of the tools that we have mentioned above.

Thus, boost your website content strategy with Twitter feeds on your website and leverage some amazing advantages to retrieve most of the benefits from your Twitter feeds integration.