Firefighting Foam Lawsuit- What You Need to Know

There have been a few recent cases around the country of people getting hurt by AFFF firefighting foam. Recently, someone was killed at a restaurant in California because of their AFFF firefighting foam. This article will cover the AFFF Firefighting Foam Lawsuit and the types of lawsuits that can be brought against a company. This article will also cover what the law says about liability for companies.

What is AFFF foam?

What is AFFF foam? AFFF stands for “aqueous film forming foam.” It is a type of firefighting foam. AFFF is often used in military bases, industrial areas, and other areas susceptible to fire. AFFF foam is sprayed as a liquid, and then it quickly hardens. It is used to cool the fire and suffocate it. When sprayed in the air, it forms a cloud of foam that cools the fire and smothers it. It is important to note that AFFF is not the only type of foam used in firefighting. It is just one of the many types of foam.

What is the AFFF lawsuit about?

The AFFF lawsuit is a legal dispute filed by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The ACC is a trade association that represents the American chemical industry. The EPA is the federal agency that regulates the manufacture and use of certain chemicals in the United States.

The AFFF firefighting foam lawsuit

The AFFF firefighting foam lawsuit was filed against 3M Company by a group of people injured due to exposure to the company’s firefighting foam during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The plaintiff claims that the company knowingly manufactured and sold the product despite knowing it was likely to cause harm. According to the lawsuit, the company knew that the foam would not be effective at preventing fires and that it would not be safe for firefighters to use. The plaintiffs claim that the company’s negligence caused them to develop cancer and other serious health problems.


The National Fire Protection Association has created a new type of firefighting foam called AFFF, which stands ammonium-based. AFFF is a type of foam used to fight building fires. However, the foam can cause serious injuries and property damage if not handled properly. The lawsuit claimed that the company knew the foam could cause serious injuries but continued to produce, market, and use it. The company was ordered to pay the plaintiffs $5.5 million in damages.