CXSports – The Ultimate Sports Sponsorship With Guaranteed Results.

CXSports is one of the best sports team sponsorship agencies that is looking to help sports promoters, leagues, teams, and athletes find sponsors, engage with fans, and get paid. The company is hoping to provide a solution for those who are struggling to get their business off the ground. While knowledge and experience are important, they are not always enough to overcome the lack of resources that new promoters face. CXSports is hoping to change that by helping its clients find sponsors and engage with fans.

Guaranteed Sponsorships: 

CXSports, a sports marketing company, has come onto the market with a bold promise: guaranteed sponsorships for any eligible influencer, athlete, sports team, league, or promoter. The company offers a simple concept that would normally take a whole lot of effort to implement.

Guaranteed Results for Sponsors:

CXSports is a new company that is shaking up the sports sponsorship world. Rather than asking for sponsorships upfront, they enter into performance-based deals where the total value is determined by the results CXSports and its clients can deliver. This allows brands to get risk-free exposure to thousands of sports fans.

The concept of performance-based marketing is not new, but CXSports is one of the first companies to apply it to sports sponsorship. Even the biggest advertisers have trouble when it comes to attributing sales to specific marketing budgets. But CXSports is able to track the end customer journey and deliver results that sponsors can see.

Solving the hard problems & fan engagement: 

CXSports provides a much needed solution for sports leagues by taking care of the hard work required to earn money. With CXSports, leagues, clubs, and players can focus on what they do best and entertain their fans.

CXSports has a solution to the difficult problem of finding sponsors and getting fans to engage with their links. The solution is Money Pages, which are designed to be a hub of fan engagement. Sponsored links from CXSports’ curated network of sponsors are added to these money pages. Everything is then optimized to match sponsors with sports promotions, athletes, and teams to maximize results.

Performance-Based Marketing Model:

The average sports fan is not going to click on a sponsored link on a team shirt; they are going to go to Google and search for the company. This means that the performance-based model does not work for sports. The internet has become a primary source of entertainment and engagement, and this is where fans are spending most of their time. The CXSports applies this method ignoring the fact that sticking a link on something like a sports jersey.