Clairvoyance: how to know your future with your birthdate?

In clairvoyance, the birthdate is an essential piece of information that allows you to find out a lot of information about yourself or about another person.

The birthdate, in clairvoyance, is the signature of your destiny. It is unique.

Thanks to it, a good clairvoyant will be able to work in depth to make revelations that you certainly did not expect.

The birthdate in astrology

We all know that the birthdate allows us to determine our astrological sign: Aries, Libra, Aquarius, etc…

But is that really enough?

In France alone, there are about 2100 newborns per day.

Does this mean that all children born on the same day will share the same astrological sign and therefore the same destiny?

As you can imagine, astrology and clairvoyance are a little more serious than that.

To elaborate a correct astral chart, it is also necessary to take into account the time and place of birth. This already allows us to draw a more precise portrait!

The birthdate in numerology

In esotericism and clairvoyance, it is noted that all numbers carry an energy within them.

This energy can be calculated, analyzed and interpreted in order to obtain a portrait of astonishing reliability.

But here again, the same question: is this really enough?

Well, no! In numerology, the first and last names of the individual are taken into account in addition to their birthdate.

And there again, the fact of adding all these data allows to obtain surprising results.

The birthdate in pure clairvoyance

Pure clairvoyance, in other words: clairvoyance without support, by flashes, clairvision, clairaudience or mediumism, can also find an advantage in using the birthdate. You can test it with a voyance par telephone directly provided by the good people of the Gaia’s team.

If you have studied quantum physics at all, you will know that everything is energy. So the birthdate, coupled with the other data that the consultant will have been able to transmit to his clairvoyant (the sound of the voice, the breathing, the aura…) will allow the latter to obtain precise information concerning him.

These clairvoyance experiences often leave a particularly disturbing impression!

Clairvoyance, astrology and numerology: the powerful combo

And now you are probably asking yourself the question: if you use astrology, numerology and clairvoyance together, what do you get?

If we were to believe those who consider clairvoyance to be fallacious, we should obtain a schizophrenic portrait, a collection of personality traits that do not fit together at all.

However, the opposite is true.

Fortune-telling, astrology and numerology, used in concert, give results that complement each other, meet and confirm each other, all of which allow us to obtain a coherent portrait.

This is the great strength of clairvoyance. And it is for this reason that you like to consult the professionals of

How to go further?

To this question we answer you: don’t just read. Live the experience!

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So if you’re ready, just sit back in your chair, pick up your phone, and embark on a clairvoyant experience.