Build an Omnichannel eCommerce Store with the Best Open Source Marketplace Platform

There are various eCommerce development platforms including the ones which claim themselves to be open source marketplace platforms. But none of them stands true to their claim to provide reliable and robust eCommerce development solutions which could let users create a PWA compliant or omnichannel eCommerce model based web store. Platforms like Sharetribe in fact charge so higher than normal any other eCommerce development platform could have charged for letting any of its users create a PWA compliant, omnichannel based web store. It forces the subscribers to go for its flex plan which is completely a dark pattern of selling and trapping a customer into a web of monetary losses and nothing else.  

There is only one platform named Sellacious which not only lets you overcome all such challenges but also lets you create a b2b, b2c, c2c – niche or multi vendor eCommerce web store with no initial charge or charge of operations. There are more than 5000 essential eCommerce development features which can let you create, host, and operate your own web store, that too within just 15 minutes. No prior technical knowledge is required to use this open source, Joomla based platform. Moreover you get access to around ten UX optimized and highly curated by experts, frontend themes which are open to be edited using the Sellacious provided drag-and-drop empowered template editor.

This platform has evolved through ever-changing market requirements, critiques from market experts, and client generic requirements which seem to be generic solutions for all to some extent. This platform caters to the features which let you as a store owner create the marketplace you have ever dreamt of. You as a store owner can create a b2b, b2c, c2c – niche or multi-vendor, PWA compliant, omnichannel based model at absolutely no cost. Of course, you can later scale up or down the marketplace as a whole based on your agile requirements. More than that, you get more than 10 UX-optimized themes which could be a lifesaver for you to start with your own marketplace without any need for prior experience or technical knowledge.  

These themes are crafted in such a manner that it inbuilt zero cognitive loads on the human perception of understanding the functionality of your shopping store. One of the start highlights of such a list of highly reliable sets of eCommerce development platforms is Sellacious. It comes with a quickstart package which lets you create the shopping cart with return management along with facility of exchange and instant refunds. No hassle will happen, rest assured. There are platforms in the marketplace which tend to word play with their sugar coated talks and glossy websites but in contrast to that, once subscribed they would not provide any flexibility to modulate in your project or let you install any third-party plugin without their permission and extra charges being paid to them.

There are platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Dokan, Sharetribe, CS Cart, X Cart, NopCommerce, BigCommerce, Hikashop. Hikamart, J2 Store, Prestashop, which claim to provide solutions to let anyone create an online marketplace at low or no cost. But, the ground reality is completely different. All of them provide almost nothing in their freemium version. Almost all the essential features, components, and modules are available in the premium ones.

Unlike them, with Sellacious freemium version itself you get access to every preliminary feature including those from the modules like Shipment, Taxation, discounts, coupons, inventory management, order status management, return and exchange management, vendor registration and management, access role definition and permission grant, feedback, rating and review management, refund, payouts transactions, logs, error managements, report generation and custom dashboard creation and its management for bird-eye view, SEO/SMO, target user-based marketing, wallet, translation, call/query for price and much more are available. In fact, even if you want something different which can actually make your stand out different from the herd and make a difference by actually providing what people dire for, then you can connect with the source team of Sellacious to develop and strategize your business plan into something which is tangible, executable, and profitable. All this at minimal cost compared to any other platform, encapsulated with a seal of trust.