Bolton motorist in elaborate trick to hide alcohol on breath


A motorist in Bolton tried an elaborate trick to disguise the fact his was under the influence of alcohol.

A Golf came to the attention of police yesterday evening when it went through a red light.

Unfortunately for the driver, a police patrol was going on nearby.

The motorist was stopped on Spa Road.

The man who had been behind the wheel shoved coins in his mouth, but this trick did not work for him.

When he was breathalysed he was found to have 65 milliletres of alcohol in 100 milliletres of breath.

The legal limit is 35.

A police spokesperson urged people not to attempt tricks like this when pulled over by officers by the side of the road.

They said: “Before being breathalysed, he shoved a load of coins in his mouth.

“Guess what, didn’t work and he blew 65.

“Don’t believe all you read on the internet guys.”


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