Are the Rules of Soccer Very Complicated? 

Do many parents struggle to understand the rules of soccer? For some, it could look complicated, but in reality, it’s quite simple, and much less complicated than sports like football, Baseball, or Basketball. 

Many don’t know this, but FIFA has a list of the 17 principal laws of soccer. 

I won’t go through them all, however the most important are: A soccer field is rectangular in shape, and the touchline (length) must be longer than the goal line (width). Acceptable dimensions for the touchline are anywhere between 90-120 m (100-110 in international competition), and dimensions for the goal line must be within 45-90m (64-75 in international competition). That is the most important rule of all. 

Then you have the rule on the soccer ball that it must be a sphere for youth games ages 11 and under the ball is a size 4 and 12 years and older a size 5. 

Players in a league 8 years of age and younger are 7 per team, 9 years of age to 11 nine players and 12 years of age and older 11 players. 

All players must have the following equipment in order to participate in the game. Jersey, Shorts, socks, cleats, shin guards and if you’re a Goalkeeper you can wear Goalie Gloves

 The game can last from 25 minutes per half to 45 minutes, thus depending on what age bracket you’re playing. 

There is a center referee and 2 linesmen, the center ref is the lead and the 2 linesmen are his assistants. 

In our next post, we’re going to explain the actual rules of the game, which will include Penalties, yellow and red cards, throw-ins, goal kicks, penalties, and corner kicks… 

…Stay tuned!