6 Most Beautiful Hidden Gems in the USA You Must Visit.

The United States is vast, and so are its tourist attractions. If you are looking forward to discovering the unspoiled beauty of the country that is tucked away in its secret destinations, then this article is for you. The most beautiful hidden gems in the USA range from state parks to small towns that amaze you with surreal landscapes and nature’s bounty. We have listed here six of the lesser-known places that deserve every traveler’s attention. Continue reading!

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada:

As you step into the Valley of Fire State Park, the surreal landscape blows you away, and there’s nothing to wonder if, for a moment, you believe you’ve landed on some other planet (In fact, this is the place that is shown as Mars in the 1990 movie Total Recall). Millennia-old red Aztec sandstone formations, cliffs, canyons, and rocky outcrops are spread across the entire 40,000 acres of this park. While the dramatic scenery attracts photographers, its hiking and camping opportunities are an adventurer’s favorite. If you are exploring the Valley of Fire State Park in summer, make sure you carry enough water because the hike is strenuous and the temperatures are scorching hot. 

Fort Bragg, California:

Situated on the Mendocino Coast, Fort Bragg is a sleepy town in northern California. It is best known for its Glass Beach featuring gleaming colored glass pebbles of all shapes and sizes sanded down to perfection by the ocean waves. What is more astonishing is the way the ocean turned all those glass bottles and other trash people dumped in it into a beautiful sight! This hidden gem in the USA that boasts expansive coastal views, shimmering shores, interesting art galleries, sprawling gardens, parks, and several microbreweries is perfect for an offbeat seaside vacation.

Devils Tower, Wyoming:

Standing at 1267 feet, Devils Tower is unlike anything you have seen. President Theodore Roosevelt officially established Devils Tower as the first national monument in the United States. An unusual tower formed some 50 million years ago, there’s an air of mystery surrounding the formation of this geological wonder that looks like a volcano. Scientists hypothesize that this is actually an igneous intrusion, meaning a result of underground magma that protruded out of the ground and gradually solidified into a sort of stone bubble. Hiking, rock climbing, and camping are some of the popular activities to do here. 

Fayetteville, West Virginia:

A charming small town that sits on the rim of the scenic New River Gorge, Fayetteville is loved for its relaxed vibe, beautiful architecture, a variety of adventure opportunities, and delicious food. Adventure lovers, take part in whitewater rafting on the wild New River and feel the surging adrenaline. Enjoy hiking, mountain biking or rock climbing in the surrounding mountains. Treat your growling stomach to mouth-watering local delicacies at restaurants here, which are some of the best ones in West Virginia. A rather hidden gem in the USA, Fayetteville is named one of the Coolest Small Towns in America.

Cache River State Natural Area, Illinois:

Located 30 miles from the Kentucky border, Cache River State Natural Area is a 15,000-acre expanse brimming with wonders of nature. Designated a ‘Wetland of International Importance,’ the park’s wetlands, forests, floodplains, and limestone barrens are home to endangered wildlife species. The 200-year-old cypress trees are one of its major attractions. The Cache River State Natural Area consists of three different regions – Little Black Slough, Lower Cache River Swamps, and Glass Hill. Boasting six miles of paddling trails and 20 miles of foot trails, the park can be explored by canoe or walk. A floating boardwalk leads you to the middle of Heron Pond, which remains covered in a bright-green layer of floating duckweed in the summer months.

Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, Tennessee:

Named after Roaring Fork – one of the biggest and fastest flowing mountain streams in the country – the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail is a picturesque driving route in the Great Smoky Mountains. The 5.5-mile loop road offers breathtaking views of nature; this hidden gem in the USA is a nature lover and a photographer’s delight! Enjoy a scenic mountain drive through old-growth forests and explore its historic buildings, rushing streams, and waterfalls. A hike to the gorgeous 80-feet-tall Rainbow falls is a must. The ‘roaring’ force of the mountain stream after heavy rain is a sight to behold!

 In addition to the above places, some other beautiful hidden gems in the USA that are worth visiting include Apostle Islands (Wisconsin), Estes Park (Colorado), Hamilton Pool Preserve (Texas), Garden of the Gods (Colorado), Backwater Falls State Park (West Virginia), Pismo Beach (California), Jekyll Island (Georgia), and Plaza Blanca (New Mexico). Plan a trip to any of these lesser-known places in the USA and enjoy an offbeat holiday. For cheap flight tickets to the USA, visit Indian Eagle, a trusted travel agency that guarantees the lowest fare on international flight tickets.