10 Things to do Before Professional Rug Cleaning  

After hiring the best rug cleaners, your next step is to prepare your home for the cleaning. Hiring the experts is not enough. You have to look after every procedure till you see a bright rug at your place. Below are some vital things to do before the arrival of professionals. Have a look:  

1. Talk to Your Professional Rug Cleaners  

Professionals are always ready to answer customers’ questions. We know that you may have asked them hundreds of questions when hiring them. But don’t hesitate to ask about your responsibilities before cleaning. Ask them how you can help them on that big day.  

2. Make a list of Concerned Areas or Stains  

Make a list of any issues you have with your rug. That might be a minor stain from a mug of coffee being knocked into the floor, or it could be an area that has become flat due to constant walking over. That helps cleaners take extra time on such areas to restore them to their former glory. 

3. Vacuum Your Floor if Necessary 

“Do I need to vacuum clean my floor or rug?” should be one of your first queries for cleaners. Your rug cleaning specialists may want to undertake all processes, including the initial vacuum, on their own. Others recommend a pre-visit vacuum pass to check for loose things or save time during their initial consultation. 

While the cost of cleaning services is normally calculated by square feet rather than an hourly rate, cleaners will be able to stay focused more carefully on the shampoo procedure if you handle the first vacuum. 

4. Move Large Furnishing  

This procedure is optional and should only be carried out if the professional cleaners request it. In other words, you must speak with experts and enquire whether such activity is required of you. Most firms will come out and perform a pre-inspection to detect heavy traffic areas, stubborn stains, or pet stains, allowing them to devise a pre-treat plan as needed.  

After that, they could let you know ahead of time whether you need to relocate furniture to make room for rug cleaning machinery. That will make it much easier for the professionals to suit your rug cleaning demands. 

5. Roll Long Curtains and Protect Your Walls  

You’ve probably noticed that certain cleaning supplies are large and difficult to use. Large pipes that run from one area to the next may be used. These items can sometimes rub against the walls, producing ugly markings in corners, doors, and borders. So, to spare yourself a few hassles, you could choose to cover these areas with craftsman’s tape. For certain tricky corners, foam cushioning will suffice. 

Curtains and drapes are also vital considerations. If you have window coverings that go all the way to the ground, you should safeguard those too. So, if at all possible, keep them out of the way. 

6. Keep Your Pet in Another Room  

Even though your rug cleaning Canberra experts are using green solvents, we recommend you to keep your furry friends away. The last thing you want at that time is to get your pet involved in helping rug cleaners. If there is no room for them, send the pets to your friend’s home.  

7. Remove everything breakable 

Fragile things, such as decorations and beautiful dishes, are frequently displayed. Because the professional cleaners will be walking about a lot, they may easily knock things over and shatter them, so don’t risk it — move them out of the room. It’s not like they will do it on purpose, but you have to safeguard your precious assets.  

8. Make a Post-Cleaning Strategy 

Depending on the cleaning, you may need to keep your family away from the rug for up to 24 hours. Steam cleaning takes longer than dry powder cleaning and might even cause furniture to be moved back to its original location. Remember this while arranging your visit, particularly if you’re preparing the home for a holiday dinner or the arrival of visitors. 

9. Vacate Your Home if Necessary  

If you’re having all of your carpets cleaned, it’s ideal to keep yourself and your family out of the way so that the cleaners can work uninterrupted. Determine how long they are likely to require and, in the meanwhile, organise a vacation or activity that will keep everyone away from the house until the task is completed.  

10. Reserve a Parking Space for Experts 

Make sure your Canberra Rug Cleaning crew has a spot to park as soon as they arrive, especially if they have a tractor or minibus. If you reside in a city, provide information on parking in the area ahead of time. We also recommend making a trail from your front entrance to the room you’re going to clean. 

Follow these tips, and you will be ready for that big day!